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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    feel more comfortable, soft. 2, hair floor keel laying method applicable to the floor hair floor keel paving way suitable for solid wood flooring, parquet, laminate flooring and cork flooring and other floors, the keel spread a layer of hair floor, and then suspended shop France and other ways to pave the floor. 3, the advantages and disadvantages of wool floor keel hair floor keel method has the advantage of good

    moisture resistance, Feel comfortable. However, the loss of more layers, compared with other methods, the cost is higher. 4, hair floor keel laying method hair floor laid on the keel, should leave gaps between each row, with nails or screw nail so that the hair floor and the keel fixed and leveling, the floor can be laid hair bevel angle of 30 degrees or 45 Degree to reduce stress. Reinforcing the floor on the

    woolen floor and laying it in accordance with the floating laying method. The above is Xiaobian to share with you the laying of home flooring, hoping to help your home decoration. For more information about home improvement flooring, please continue to pay attention to every home improvement network.Floor decoration in the home, we see the most likely is the brown and wood color wooden floor, play house

    outdoor composite floor deck

    carpet with plastic backing

    Discount Outdoor Flooring Porch

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