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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2017

    pavement Such methods for the ground flatness, high drying requirements, when the laying of the living room floor height is lower than the height of the kitchen, toilet, leveling with concrete, such methods are used to warm the ground leveling, and to solve To warm the thermal conductivity, but also to solve the problem of the height of the kitchen gap. If the second-hand housing decoration, in the original flat

    ground, more suitable for the laying of suspended laying method. Part3: quick laying method Direct Paste Laying Direct Paste laying method is another way of laying the floor, which is suitable for 350mm long floor, and requires the ground level. Below we have to understand the next. 1, know the direct paste laying method Direct paste laying method is the floor directly bonded to the ground, this installation

    method is quick, the construction requires the ground is very dry, clean, smooth. Due to the limited flatness of the ground, over-long floorings may cause warpage, which makes them more practical for the laying of solid wood and cork floors below 30 cm in length. Some small teak floors, parquet flooring must be laid by direct bonding method. 2, for the introduction of the type of floor Direct paste method is

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