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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2017

    floor a variety of ways to help you create a perfect home floor. Part1: The traditional floor laying the keel laying method The keel laying method is the most traditional floor, the most extensive laying method, let's look at the specific situation of keel laying method. 1, the keel laying method features rectangular strips of wood for the material, fixed and bearing the floor surface to withstand the force and laying a

    certain distance. Where Tong Kou floor, as long as there is sufficient bending strength, can be used to play the method of laying keel, there are many keel materials, the most widely used is the wood keel, the other plastic keel, aluminum keel and so on. 2, the keel for the floor Different keel pavement method suitable for solid wood flooring and parquet, the flexural strength of the floor enough, you can use the keel

    pavement way. 3, a variety of keel who is the best 4, look at the keel pavement points Wood keel in the pavement to drill in the ground, and use small wooden blocks as the ground leveling, and then the United States solid nail fixed wooden keel, and finally the floor with floor nails Fixed on the keel, wooden keel laying is completed, the available legs on the keel, by checking the keel is heavy, whether there

    2 foot high fence

    styrofoam beadboard on ceiling

    plastic wave panels south africa

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