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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2017

    Care concise, bright as new, does not embed dirt, easy to clean, and do not spend too much energy to maintain, solve the hard wood floor difficult to maintain the shortcomings.parquet does not wax, but also to maintain the luster of how to install fencing for dummies the paint as new. This is a strong contrast to the maintenance of solid wood floor shape.

    Parquet is derived from the solid wood flooring family of wooden floor types, so it is actually a new solid wood flooring. Its natural wood texture, easy to install and maintain, anti-corrosion moisture, antibacterial and suitable for geothermal and other advantages have become the major countries popular flooring types and gradually accepted by our people. Future development trend of high-grade flooring is angle for a bench back ideas bound to be parquet.

    Parquet with a lot of plastic so not environmentally friendly it? As parquet is multi-layer glued, so the most worrying is the use of plastic problem, we all know that glue is the main source of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde content of the glue is very high, making the parquet environmental deck stair calculator trex composite standards can not be achieved. Due to the backward glue technology, afraid to make heavy use of it to develop three-layer parquet.

    In theory, solid wood composite is the more level, the stronger and more stable the mutual restraint. Only three layers, can not contain each other, can not solve the problem of shrinkage and shrinkage of wood. Therefore, the solid wood three-layer flooring often in the middle of the core board leaving a cut out of the anti-expansion joints. With glue is less, but the bending performance and poor, and because the surface of the single-layer Lattice Fence Wholesale plate thickness of 3-4mm, the thicker the logs, the more easy to crack deformation.

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