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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2017

    Load-bearing concrete rock wool composite wall panels, thin-walled concrete rock wool composite exterior wall panels, concrete polystyrene composite wall panels, concrete perlite composite wall panels, steel mesh cement insulation material sandwich panels, SP prestressed hollow slab , Aerated concrete wall panels and micro-foam concrete prefabricated cheap waterproof ceiling for deck panels (MLC for short). Load-bearing concrete rockwool composite wall cladding Load-bearing concrete rockwool composite wall cladding by the reinforced concrete structure bearing layer, rock wool insulation layer and finishes made of composite.

    Compared with traditional masonry concrete wall or expanded beads, pumice stone and ceramsite concrete exterior wall panels, in addition to the mechanical properties that meet the load-bearing hardwood flooring wholesale requirements, the composite exterior wall panels also meet the design standards for energy-saving civil buildings and keep them warm , Thermal insulation performance requirements, with high strength, good thermal insulation properties, easy construction and other characteristics of winter insulation equivalent to the thickness of 490mm brick wall, thermal stability is better than the thickness of 370mm brick wall.

    But the surface density, installation efficiency is low, is not conducive to the promotion and application. Thin-walled concrete rockwool composite wall cladding Thin-walled concrete rockwool composite wall cladding is composed of reinforced concrete structure layer (layer), rock wool insulation layer (middle) and gorilla decking facia boards lowes stores concrete finishes (outer) composite of non Load-bearing composite wall panels, wall thickness of 150mm. It is mainly used as a non-load-bearing outer wall of light-weight frame construction systems. Thin-walled concrete rockwool composite exterior wall panels not only have excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation properties, the winter insulation is equivalent to 370mm brick wall, and the wall weight than traditional materials much lighter.

    However, the production process is more complex, not conducive to the promotion and application. Polystyrene composite exterior wall panels This composite exterior wall panels can be used as steel or reinforced concrete frame structure, frame - wall of the outer wall of the seismic wall structure can also be applied to other structures need to envelop the outer wall. But the surface density is larger, the need for special crane installation is not conducive to the how many linear feet are in a fence panel promotion and application of the current industrial construction, and poor fire protection, low strength, easy to crack.

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