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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2017

    foundation, not allowed to loose. Tap the ground with a screwdriver handle or hammer to check if the ground is empty and peeled off. If the ground is empty or peeled off, you will need to reprocess the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a period of time, there will be noise because the ground is not solid. 5, the ground grass-roots level needs to be strengthened acceptance of the grass-roots level

    acceptance, should be accepted before the construction of the floor surface pass, or not allowed to strengthen the laying of the floor surface construction. Part3: the impact of the beautiful surface to strengthen the floor surface acceptance points Strengthen the ground floor of the floor acceptance, the installation of the floor, you need to be accepted on the surface. Surface acceptance is the key,

    acceptance points are also very much, so more patience and careful. 1, the appearance of inspection After strengthening the floor pavement, the general need to be completed within 3 working days. The first thing to check is the appearance. Strengthen the floor surface should be clean, no glue, wet flower, drum kits, stains, off angle, cracks, scratches and other appearance quality problems. 2, solidity inspection

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