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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017

    Lift moving assembly wall panels As people become richer and more prosperous, landlords and families demand more and more self-built houses, so they can meet the requirements of heat new genorations deck terrance material uk preservation, earthquake resistance, sound insulation and fast-moving. The requirements and low prices! Polystyrene sandwich wall, which is a thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board as a panel, the middle filled with lightweight polystyrene particles cement-based core, a composite molding of non-load-bearing lightweight composite sheet.

    It has defeated the traditional brick wall and the block wall in all aspects and will surely become the mainstream of mobile home preformed deck stairs the future house wall! First, the performance and advantages of lightweight composite energy-saving wall materials: safety and environmental protection. Unlike those natural stones will release radon and other harmful gases that are not conducive to human health, polystyrene particle sandwich light-weight energy-saving materials used in wall materials 100% free of harmful substances, but also non-radioactive.

    So it is very safe and environmentally friendly. Fire performance is superior. Its outsourcing material Calcium silicate board itself is based on cement-based board, the fireproof moisture resistance itself is superior, and lightweight core material can also be at 1000 degrees How To Mount Gazebo To Deck Celsius temperature limit of fire resistance more than 4 hours, while not emitting Toxic gas, the overall non-flammable above the national A-level standards. Small thickness, increased indoor use area.

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