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    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017

    The trolley type resistance furnace is an energy-saving periodic type of furnace structure, which consists of two parts of the furnace body and the load-bearing trolley. The furnace body consists of shell steel structure, furnace lining insulation layer, heating element and so on.

    The structure of trolley type resistance furnace trolley is composed of frame, trolley chain wheel, anti-collision reset brick masonry, trolley power traction mechanism, heating element, furnace floor and so on.

    Furnace lining insulation layer of a trolley type resistance furnace

    Bogie hearth resistance furnace insulation layer has two kinds of lining structure, standard trolley furnace commonly used heavy refractory brick, high aluminum bricks made of composite insulation lining, insulation by ultra light beads vacuum energy-saving brick and long fiber aluminum silicate insulation blanket composite fiber, large trolley furnace or part of non-standard products used ceramic fiber insulation structure. The easy collision parts and load-bearing parts of heavy aluminum refractory brick masonry, reinforced lining structure strength. The heat-insulating performance of the trolley furnace is excellent, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.

    The trolley steel structure of a trolley type resistance furnace:

    The trolley type resistance furnace is welded by frame type steel beam and steel plate, and its steel property ensures normal operation under full load carrying condition, and is used without deformation for a long time. The load-bearing capacity of the steel structure of the table car is great, which is superior to the load bearing capacity of the general box type furnace. The characteristics of its heavy load and the movable loading trolley for loading and unloading materials reflect the biggest advantage of the trolley stove, and become the most widely used industrial furnace in the heat treatment industry.

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