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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017

    Microbubble lightweight concrete prefabricated wall panels Micro-foam lightweight concrete high strength, good fire insulation performance, very suitable for the production of external wall mount hollow outdoor decking styles p assembly. Lightweight lightweight concrete foam, high strength, fire, heat and structure with the life of multi-functional integration of green materials.

    The traditional concrete has large self-weight and poor thermal insulation and fireproof performance. The new type of concrete-micro-foam lightweight concrete uses a special stirring device and an efficient air-entraining agent to produce a hydrophobic lightweight high-strength plastic exterior wall cladding for sale concrete with a unique cell wall structure. Insulation and insulation have excellent water repellency, and cheap to buy in advance, is a rare prefabricated decorative wall materials.

    Connection of reliable micro-foam light weight concrete plug-in wall light self-weight lighter to reduce the additional force of plug-in wall panels to simplify the plug-in wall node approach to improve connection reliability and improve fence post fixings the efficiency of construction and installation. At present, there are problems in the application research of wallboards. Assembly-type energy-saving composite wallboards have been applied and popularized because of their excellent characteristics, especially good thermal insulation properties. Moreover, the performance of composite wallboards at home and abroad includes wind resistance, A lot of research has been done and some specific theories and formulas have been deduced. However, the research results on composite wallboards are still cheap floor tile at lowes inadequate and comprehensive.

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