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    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017

    Lightweight partition board is a new type of energy-saving wall material, which is the appearance of a hollow floor like wall material. Light partition board can be widely used in office, business, residential buildings of the household sub-room, corridor, the kitchen's internal partitions, production technology, easy to install and easy to grasp; The product build a deck next to a soft sided pool has low cost, long life, high strength , Excellent insulation and sound insulation, light weight and other characteristics of the unit volume, while modified without foam maintenance. Good overall environmental protection fire Because it is an assembly type construction, the body is three-in-one structure, the board is connected with the board as a whole, the impact resistance is 1.5 times that of the normal masonry; the steel structure is anchored and the wall is strong

    Wall, the overall seismic performance is many times higher than ordinary masonry walls. Shun Bang composite wall partition system structure, good integrity, no deformation, the wall is not easy to loose, good seismic. Moisture-proof waterproof proof that the wall can be without wood plastic decking balcony any waterproof finish case, the cement bonded into a pool filled with water, the wall can keep the back of the dry, leaving no trace in the humid weather will not appear condensation Water drops. Wall panel is a professional waterproof panel, a good waterproof, moisture-proof performance, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, basement and other wet areas.

    Sound insulation lightweight energy-saving wall panels of cement fibers and their internal components have a good sound insulation effect, the sound insulation effect in line with the national residential buy flooring composite balcony sound insulation requirements, much higher than the other brick wall sound insulation. Simple and quick construction Light energy-saving wall panels are completely dry, assembly-type construction, wall panels can be cut to adjust the width and length.

    Construction, transport simple, piling up hygiene, without mortar batching, greatly reducing the construction period, and the material loss rate is low, reducing the construction waste. Insulation composite wall panels composed of pure natural vermiculite, high purity quartz powder, inorganic fibers and plant fibers by high temperature, high pressure steam curing, decided that he has a good thermal insulation function, so that your indoor environment More comfortable. And the wall panel surface smooth and does non slip floor covering not produce dust, can be directly paste tiles, wallpaper, wood veneer and other materials to do finishes.

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