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    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017

    directly above the floor paving method. The first step: dealing with the ground floor Before laying the floor, you need to ensure that the ground is flat and dry. The smoothness of the ground need to meet the standard, rough floor general leveling leveling cement floor. Ground moisture content should also pay attention to, if the moisture content is too high, need to do moisture-proof treatment. The second step: the

    role of laying mats mats is moisture-proof, quiet. Before laying the floor, you need to pad a layer of floor mat on the ground. Generally, the laying of the mat shall be laid flat without overlapping to lay the whole floor, and the seams shall be tightly bonded with adhesive tape. Humid ground and geothermal environment should be laid under the mat moisture-proof membrane, the width of the seams should

    overlap 200mm or more and tape tight adhesion, the corners of the flip the same height with the baseboard. The third step: the installation of laminate flooring Laminate flooring edge is now generally mortise and tongue with the latch structure, this structure is installed, just make sure that the two kinds of stitching as close as possible, without the need for floor glue and other connections floor. The fourth step: the

    best flooring for second story wood flooring

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