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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2017

    So some people will ask, in the end how to maximize the use of the space of the building? Although most of the buildings are frame structures, the structures are sub-divided. The main structure is Build a Raised Flower Bed with Landscape Timbers the beam and the columns, and the inner partition is the auxiliary structure. Therefore, after the beam and column framework is made, the partition walls are also divided in severity. For example, the partition wall with the distribution box and the partition wall of the bathroom are the main partition walls. The main structure can not be arbitrarily changed, the main wall changes easily lead to many sequelae, such as poor circuit contact, housing leakage and other issues.

    Before changes, should take full account of the need for changes. As the modified partition is not directly overhead beams, which should Contemporary Fence Solutions take full account of the load capacity of the floor. If the floor caused by overload, it may lead to cracks in the board, endless trouble. In response to the above problems, Long and energy-saving has long been developed a new type of building materials - lightweight partition panels, can be a good solution to the above problems. Some consumers think that the use of lightweight partition board materials, will increase the cost, and worried that the current light partition is not sound insulation, cracks in the wall, wall hanging imminent things.

    It is understood that at present, Long and energy-saving lightweight partition material is moving in the supporting, serialization, easy disassembly, easy construction direction, while efforts to solve a series of problems of light partition board. Nowadays, Longhe Energy-saving light partition board products have made great how to create an easy outdoor patio with tile breakthroughs in sound insulation, wall bearing, hanging force, impact resistance, fire prevention and moisture proof. Due to the special process, it not only has light weight, but also has more substantial improvement in water-proof, fire-proof, heat preservation, shockproof, anti-aging, anti-cracking and impact resistance. Toughness in one, especially on the surface of lightweight partition board of calcium silicate board or cement fiber board, the internal composition of the material and its board and the groove between the groove connection has a good sound-absorbing and sound Bahrain villa decking manufacturers insulation, greatly improving the sound insulation , Drilling is not deformed, saving open.

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