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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2017

    layer and the substrate. If you choose a better wear-resistant layer, the substrate water resistance is also better, more than 20 years of family use is no problem. The strengthening of the floor price by the environmental protection, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, water swelling and other decisions, some high-grade laminate flooring in addition to the above performance, the color, surface treatment, such as

    syncline, hand scratches, pearl Surface, specular highlights and art processing can also cause price differences. 3, multi-layer parquet Multi-layer solid wood environmental performance with the reinforced floor almost the same grade in Europe, the difference is felt more like solid wood flooring, but because it is made of plywood stick veneer, it is more difficult to control the environmental protection. In all

    varieties of flooring, multi-layer parquet life is the shortest, and some even not exceed 1 year, thanks to the surface of the paint, paint a bad, the floor can only be removed. There are layers of solid wood on the market with a surface of 2mm, claiming to be able to polish N times, but because it is peeling or slicing the skin, it is easy to crack once polished. Multi-layer wood composite prices are generally between

    new plastic laminate flooring

    composite fence panels london

    synthetic wood%2C costa rica

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