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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2017

    Materials assembled house Insulation: a mixture of materials added to the vacuum bubbles to increase insulation and thermal insulation to meet the requirements of China's energy-saving housing; Impermeability: the product within the pores are independent of the closed hole, which can effectively prevent the spread of water; Light weight: products Special raw temporary floor covering materials with, it can float on the water; Fire performance: raw materials for inorganic, will not burn. Products are widely used as high strength firewall: As a result of the size of the anti-corrosion staple fiber added to the skeleton, the slurry hardening and fiber coagulation as a whole, greatly increased the partition board of the bending, impact resistance

    Sound insulation performance: According to the wall thickness And the surface treatment of different ways, the new Soviet-style walls can be noise 40-50 dB, combined with many small pores inside, so that it also has white wood fence singapore post the dual properties of sound insulation and sound absorption; seismic effect is good: low modulus of elasticity, the impact energy absorption, Seismic level can reach 8; Buried pipe easy: The scientific production process to make products with high accuracy, accurate and patchwork, and easy to process, can cut saw, trowel and so on.

    Change the brick wall embedding difficult situation; high strength: the use of screw extrusion production, it is high strength, coupled with the connection plate grooved groove connection, so the overall load can reach or exceed the plastic lumber in ashland strength of ordinary brick masonry

    Construction is convenient: Lightweight wallboard is a type of board, with advanced scientific installation, so in the construction without lacing, no need to construct columns, without doors and windows lintel, without the installation of concrete doors and windows to solve the problem of Tedious construction process, cost savings. It can be, can be chisel, can be chisel, the construction is easy to water, pipe embedded and door and window installation and node processing; labor efficiency: factory prefabricated, site assembly, construction speed, greatly improve labor efficiency; no paint: Because of its high precision plate does not require the use of a large number of cement mortar paint, so the decorate my side of neighbors privacy fence raw materials, labor costs and construction time can be achieved on the savings

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