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    strengthening the floor coverings Laminate flooring, also known as impregnated paper Laminate flooring, wear layer, decorative layer, the base material layer and the balance layer composition. Strengthen the floor installation generally use the method of suspended laying, installation is relatively simple and quick. Although the installation is generally responsible for the manufacturer, but the owners understand how

    to install it, the floor installation supervision and inspection are of great benefit. 1, strengthen the floor paving method: Floating paving method Advantages of suspended laying method Environmental protection does not use glue to the floor fixed on the ground, the floor mortise and groove can not glue, will not produce formaldehyde and other ingredients cause indoor pollution; construction Simple The laying

    process is simple, fast; easy to repair Since the floor are suspended in the ground splicing made, so when the floor from the seam or partial damage, easy repair and replacement. To strengthen the floor to use more suspended laying method, the so-called suspension laying method that the floor is not fixed directly to the ground, usually to the ground after the level to find, laying moisture-proof mats, and then

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