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    Dongguan. He said the price of pineapple in Dongguan market rose from 2,000 yuan / cubic meter to the present 2,400-2,500 yuan / cubic meter, up more than 20%; Seven trust origins saddle decking for salethe sheet went up from 4,500 yuan / cubic meter to the present 4,700 yuan / cubic meter Rice, or nearly 5%. Shanghai Anxin Floor Co., Ltd. 15% ~ 20% of the floor blank imported from Southeast Asian countries, the company's International Purchasing Zhu Xiukui said the end of November last year, imported from Indonesia plate pineapple grid price of 630 US dollars / cubic meter in January this year The price of 720 US dollars / cubic meter,[url=]how to install trek decking on the ground[/url] or more than 10%. According to other

    media reports recently, materials imported from Southeast Asia in Ningbo, Fuzhou, Wuhan and Hangzhou all showed a rising trend, up about 10%. Exporters take the opportunity to speculation wood privacy fence at lumber liquidators'As the Indonesians are busy rebuilding after the disaster, some dealers now go to Indonesia can not get the goods.' Yao Bike told reporters. Zhu Xiuqi also told reporters that it is indeed difficult to get the goods, even to get the price is high.[url=]cheap outdoor decks sale price[/url] Yao Bike believes that the recent Southeast Asian material prices are mainly caused by the supply and demand. 'There are fewer and better local woods, while the domestic demand is not weakened, resulting in the shortage of

    materials in Southeast Asia, the price is bound to go up.' According to statistics from China Timber Circulation Association, the country consumes about 200,000 cubic meters per month of Southeast Asia Materials,waterproof outdoor flooring solutions while the Guangdong market consumes nearly 90,000 cubic meters a month. Zhu Xiuqi said that Southeast Asia material shortage and tsunami close, post-disaster reconstruction, port damage and rising freight costs will seriously affect the import of materials in Southeast Asia. Indirectly, as the United Nations, the EU and the United States exerted pressure on Southeast Asian countries after the tsunami,[url=]wpc floor for sale in kenya[/url] the international community banned illegal

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