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    541.7 billion yuan, grow 19.8% , 23.1% what occupy Guangdong foreign trade to export a worth, among them, dress and clothing accessories export one hundred and bathroom styles variegated color deck fifty billion eight hundred and eighty million yuan, grow 12.8, furniture exports 78.27 billion yuan, grow 10.1% , shoe kind export 61.9 billion yuan, grow 17% . In addition, exit mobile phone 146.2 billion yuan, grow 1.6% ,malta decking in center export equipment of automatic data

    processing and its part one hundred and thirty-three billion nine hundred and ten million yuan, grow 2.4% . Plane entrance performance is outstanding, partial heavy pre finished composite wood panels retailers goods imports the Qi Sheng that estimate value 1-7 month, guangdong province imports mechanical and electrical products eight hundred and ninety-nine billion three hundred and thirty million yuan, grow 10.5% , 65% what occupy Guangdong of the

    corresponding period to save entrance total value, among them, entrance electric equipment and electronic product six hundred and twenty-two billion nine hundred and eighty million yuan, 8x8 plastic landscape timbers grow 9.1% . Fine a commodity is medium, entrance plane 26, than last year the corresponding period increases 9, value 8.52 billion yuan, grow 83.5% ; Entrance turbine reaction engine 53, grow 12.8% , value 2.64 billion yuan, grow 12.8%

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