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    Today a myriad of styles from the most feather light to positively ropey are available allowing you to produce exactly the image you desire. The link of gold chains is no longer just oval a host of shapes have been created all with their own special trait. Wear yellow gold over a tan or bronze blouse for a smart, chic look. Choose chains of different lengths to form a cascade; from semi choker, snug around your throat, then down in a series to the last strand following approximately the dcolletage. It is now common to see gold chains glinting off ankles, wrists, throat and more recently, especially in the West, the hair.

    Traditionally, chains were worn around the neck but in recent decades, designers have spread their creative talent and embraced the durability of gold. Perfect for the office. Understated elegance is created in an instant. New designs using kinked links create a chunkier effect; superb for a man who wishes to show a little chest. Again the type of person will influence the thickness and weight of the piece. However, increasingly, white gold is making its mark and pink hues are also being used with fashionable effect. Flamboyant dressers will think nothing of wrapping half Sliding gate track a metre of gold chain around their wrist whereas the more conservative man would prefer perhaps just a single chain for around his neck. The beauty with gold chains is their versatility; gold with anything looks good. Flat linked chains are particularly beautiful. Make your selection carefully and base it on your personality and the way you wish to present yourself. A very bold, glinting effect is created this way so it is best to wear understated or neutral clothing to accentuate the prettiness of the jewelry. Some men prefer white gold to yellow and the range and styles that are currently on the market mean there are gold chains to suit all tastes.


    When one thinks of gold one is inclined to think yellow only.

    Chains for Men

    The heavier chain can be used to create a specific look.

    Gold jewelry is always a good investment. Gold chains have come a long way from just a delicate thread around your neck. The inherent gleam of the metal has made it popular since the dawn of time and there is no indication that the attitudes that people have towards the metal will change. Some Post Cap men feel comfortable wearing lots of jewelry. While costume jewelry is fun and funky, when you wish to kick the air of refinement up a notch, seldom does anything do it like gold. Gold needs very little care basic cleaning is all that is needed and you will have a selection of jewelry to enhance every outfit.

    Several strands of gold chains can be used very successfully to create a dramatic affair around the neck.Wearing jewelry manufactured from precious metals is one of the most genteel ways to accessorize your outfit and to be more dressy. The evenness of the surface reflects light making the jewelry sparkle and shimmer. Find out from your hairdresser which weight she recommends and start experimenting. This type of chain, worn over a plain dark background makes an impressive statement. Flat linked white gold, sometimes interspersed with pink sections is perfect over charcoal or coal black outfits.

    For a very sophisticated look you can dress your hair with chains. Incorporating delicate threads of gold into the hair has been fashionable since the days of the Pyramids. The trick is to wear what you feel comfortable with. Hair that glitters with precious metal is bound to be a crowd stopper
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