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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2017

    Light partition board is mainly used for sound insulation or fire wall, is a new type of wall material in China, then its performance is how? Not only the seismic effect is good, but also the structure wood picnic bench material listis exquisite, the production technology is advanced and the processing is easy, which changes the current situation that the traditional brick wall embedding is difficult. In the installation, the construction process is simple and easy to operate, greatly improving the construction efficiency, saving the cost for the enterprise.

    Construction site cleaning does not require plastering, reducing the construction waste products, so that civilized construction. After the light partition board into the market by the people's unanimous welcome, compared with the 4x8 high stability exterior paneling cladding traditional wall What are the advantages? Saving area: the thickness is relatively thin, light weight, so that you can save a lot of space, but also can save costs. Insulation effect is good: lightweight partition wall in the insulation is a significant role, which is unmatched by the traditional wall.In short, lightweight partition board than the traditional wall to a lot superior, it is the trend of development of the times. Light partition board in the market how to use the reaction? Light partition wall panels are easy to construction, sound insulation and heat insulation and wooden hand railings indoor residential other functions have received everyone's welcome.

    The traditional wall can no longer meet people's requirements for living environment, and the partition board has the advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, moisture resistance, light weight, sound insulation and heat insulation, etc., these functions are just what the modern people need for the wall . In addition to these advantages, one of the most important reasons why people value light-weight wall panels is that they are very convenient for decoration. The construction waste generated by the construction is rhino board sales in cape townalso very small, which keeps the construction site clean.

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