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    messy corrupt " enterprise, should maintain calm force, attitude determined, measure is decisive, the one maintenance with be linked together high-pressured posture, rubber outdoor mats Application depend on lawfully compasses close stop reach the designated position, tell clear explain to masses white, utmost strives for masses to support understanding; Chengdu asks each area (city, county) , the branch should contrast related city class respective

    work measure, masses appeals to build picnic table with detached benches using 4x6 beg begin instantly check oneself from correct, communicate quickly fulfil village, community and each enterprise; Enough to was not being caused take seriously, misunderstanding is read by accident, the area that still does not correct (city, county) related to city class the branch will be depended on lawfully compasses investigate relevant 4x8 foot plastic plywood personnel duty. On August 15, general

    office of Zi rich municipal Party committee, municipal government general office allots jointly " good about doing " messy corrupt " integrated punish concerns business free pergola plans environment urgent announcement of the job " , the requirement is right whole town " messy corrupt " the enterprise wants classification to apply treat, check and accept jointly, aggrandizement is superintended, can use simply anything but " one knife is cut

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