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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2017

    the structure has primary and secondary points, of which the beam columns are the main structure and the partition wall is an optional auxiliary structure. So after the beam and column framework, the partition wall also has the distinction between the different materials of choice, the partition wall pressure on the foundation of the building is also different. The main best paint for exterior douglas fir structure can not be arbitrarily changed, so the weight of partition wall materials directly affect the foundation. Therefore, the recommended use of lightweight cement wall partition material. Some consumers believe that the use of lightweight cement wall materials, will increase the cost, and worried that the current light barrier is not sound insulation, cracks in the wall, the wall hanging imminent.

    It is understood that at present the lightweight partition material is moving in the direction of supporting, serialization, easy disassembly and assembly, easy construction synthetic wood plastic composite sale statistics direction, while building materials manufacturers are also efforts to solve some of the shortcomings of lightweight partitions, there are already some products in sound insulation Effect, wall bearing, hanging force, impact resistance, fire prevention, waterproofing and other performance has made a breakthrough.

    As a result of special treatment, not only light weight, but also its waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, anti-aging, anti-cracking, impact resistance and so have a substantial increase, light weight, environmental protection, high strength, high china plastic patio decking plan toughness in One, especially its full hollow design, greatly improving the sound insulation, drilling deformation, saving open, chisel slot working hours, a single point can be hung 100 kg, quick installation without plaster, can be directly putty, Wall paint, improve the construction efficiency.

    In short, the use of lightweight cement wall space decoration materials, although the material costs are high (usually about 20% of the cost increase), but quick assembly-type construction can significantly reduce labor costs, overall overall cost did not increase How many. At the same time as the light cement wall panels are mainly made of cement, lime, slag, sand, fly ash, plant fibers and other raw materials, generally have the advantages of soil, energy saving, waste, fundamentally change the traditional wall materials A large number of soil destruction fields, energy consumption, environmental pollution, but also reduce composite deck for sale canada the weight of the building, reduce the overall cost of construction, to maximize the construction space.

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