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    its beauty, you know, the proper maintenance of the floor, but can save you a lot of maintenance costs ah. On the winter floor Raiders Raiders knowledge, Xiaobian temporarily introduced here, for more knowledge about the maintenance of the floor, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.We certainly want to make your home floor looks the same as the new bar, then, how

    should we maintain the floor? And do not need to buy a special material maintenance, the daily life of small items can play a role The following small series to teach you a few strokes, can make a great deal of valuables, take a look at it. Small salt big powerful salt in our life is playing the role of condiment, in fact, it is still a decontamination of small hands Oh. Sometimes accidentally get eggs on the ground, dry the

    ground and found that left a ugly trace, this time just sprinkle a little salt in the egg sticky point, wait for about 10 minutes to sweep it, you will find on the floor The trace has disappeared Vinegar + milk / honeycomb = decontamination vinegar can be used in addition to salad, dipped in crabs, seasoning, plus milk or burned honeycomb ash, decontamination capacity of five stars. With sour milk, pay attention

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