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    broken the cup or window, a glass shards are dangerous to look at. Small particles visible to the naked eye can be sticky with adhesive tape; glass powder can pick up the cotton with water, or sprinkle some rice, stick the powder, and then the vacuum cleaner sucked the grain. Homemade floor wax If there is a useful left home candle, do not throw, when the collection of a certain amount, it will be

    chopped, remove the wick, and turpentine mixed in a 1: 1 ratio, boiled, melted candle liquid full mixing After pouring into the container, after cooling is a good floor wax. Floor wax is slightly heated before use, wiping the floor more easily and effort. Floor maintenance is not as complicated as expected, as long as you know more about the floor maintenance of this knowledge, to collect some small objects,

    floor maintenance can help you, if you want to know more about the floor care tips, please continue Concerned about every home decoration network.At present, the main floor on the home market are solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite panels and laminate flooring and other categories. Many businesses will be poor quality counterfeit products mixed into the real thing, so that consumers are

    how to install lows hardboard wall panel

    external plastic wood composite panels effect

    Penanam plastik gelap gelap kelihatan seperti kayu

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