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    not yogurt, with a little vinegar, preferably white vinegar, painted in the stain, you can easily remove stains, and will be very bright Oh. Wipe the stains and grease on the kitchen floor with the burnt honeycomb ash, and then sprinkle the vinegar on the mop to remove dirt and grease. Salad oil = brighten + protect the ground In the general concept, the ground looks like the feeling of oil is not clean. In

    actual fact, when wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil into the water and then mopping the ground will not only be easier to clean, but also to enhance and protect the floor to play a role. Floor Detergent DIY floor detergent selection is also a matter of many concerns. Acidic alkaline is too strong, not pungent taste, simply DIY it! Only need some simple materials, you can create a decontamination

    superior detergent. The soft soap, bleaching earth, soda and water at a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 5, into the cauldron boiled, boil until half of the original volume, remove and cool, save for use. After boiling the liquid with a hard brush stained brush along the floor lines, then wipe it again with hot water, you can effectively remove the stain on the floor. Tape, rice grain to solve the glass fragments sometimes accidentally

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