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    a year is recommended. Parquet oil sub-floor and paint veneer flooring. Oil-finish flooring is a natural wood surface, stable and durable, but the long-term use, the floor surface suffered a slight rub and damage is inevitable. When this problem occurs, it is recommended to use special maintenance oil to wipe, if the damage is more serious, you can refurbish the floor, through the professional equipment to

    remove a thin layer of the floor surface, then use pure natural vegetable oil to maintain, you can make Floor to restore youthful appearance. For the daily use of paint finishes floor wipe dry cotton mop can be wiped. In the case of stubborn stains, should use a neutral cleaning solvent wipe and then wring the cotton swab wipe, do not use acid, alkaline solvents or gasoline and other organic solvents scrub. In order

    to maintain the appearance of the floor and extend the life of the paint, the use of special concentrated paint surface care oil. Recommended once a year care, after use can effectively enhance the texture of paint, which can effectively prevent hard objects wear and scratch the floor, and can extend the life of the floor. Edit Comment: Do not think that the floor was stamped on the foot all day can not care about

    floor for unheated sunroom

    azek tongue and groove porch flooring

    portable composite flooring artificial

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