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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2017

    First, the basic usage of 48 Port Network Switch Huawei S5700 52C Ei. (1) first get the wireless router of the hand, connect the power supply (2). The router usually has 5 netting holes on the back, one of which will be different from the other four. Figure (3) the separate socket of this color is connected to the ADSL cat, so this place is connected to your cat with a net line. The other 4 holes are used to connect the desktop, and of course you can also be used to connect the notebook. The connection setting is completed. Two, wireless network security configuration attention: in order to ensure that home wireless network is not being used randomly by others, you need to set your wireless network security password.

    (1) first locate [wireless settings] -- the basic settings, fill in the name of your router in SSID, and set it up freely to identify your network. (2) enter the security settings, which is mainly used to set up the wireless access password. The router brand is different, but the contents are basically the same. (3) set up the above three items of content, and then [save] you can remember the password. (4) the Grandstream Ip Phone Gxp1400 1405 Voip Product part is basically set up. Finally, connect the wireless network to open the notebook, then search the wireless network that you just set up, and finally click on the connection to enter the password that you just set up, everything OK. Three, the way of setting up the wireless router software is to make the wireless router work normally. We need to set up the router software, tell the router your ADSL user name and password, and how to encrypt your wireless network.

    (1) connect a notebook to a router by using a network cable (four Kong Qiyi in the picture), and then you can set up the wireless routing through browser. The router's address is, which can be accessed directly. If the access is successful, the browser will prompt you to enter the login user name and password. Most of the router's username is admin, and the password is admin too. (2) after landing, you first set up ADSL virtual dial (PPPoE), input your ADSL username and password, so that the router can automatically dial the Internet. If you connect this wireless routing to another wired route, you can skip the steps of the ADSL setting and set up the wireless network directly. (3) find [fast setting], set up ADSL. Because different brands of routers, the interface is different, so here only take IPCom wireless router as an example, other brand router's setup process is basically similar, in short, you find the place to set ADSL. (4) select the ADSL virtual dial in the quick settings menu, and fill in your internet account and password after filling it up successfully (5). These are only simple Huawei Ma5621 Epon Onu Optical Network Unit With Best Price set up and use methods, basically to ensure that the network is smooth.

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    Because different brands of routers, the interface is different....

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