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    1, waterproof: solid wood flooring is easy to deform with water Summer is a rainy season, to be careful rain into the window into the house. Residents living on the ground floor, be careful indoor cement floor back to the water wet. Usually in use, if accidentally spilled water on the floor, be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe clean and keep the surface dry.

    2, sunscreen: temperature is too high Accelerate the aging of the floor If the installation of solid wood floor room with electric stove, rice cooker and other heating appliances, must be placed on the floor of the fire, anti-hot cushion, or easy to burn wooden floor , Resulting in deformation of the floor. Also do not let the floor exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun exposure, otherwise it will significantly accelerate the aging of the floor.

    3, anti-fouling: clever use of gadgets to deal with different dirt on the floor for the dirt, if it is water-soluble, you can directly take a wet wipe clean. If it is not easy to remove paint and other dirt, according to the nature of dirt choose a special cleaning agent.

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