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    not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. At both ends of the floor should be implemented on the keel, not empty, and each must be nailed on the keel. Do not use water-based glue. 6, the floor should not be too tight shop, surrounded by enough expansion joints should be (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm), and should not be extra-wide laying, in case of wider occasions should be cut off separately, and then pressure

    copper transition. 7, floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen and other stone ground junction should be completely isolated moisture-proof measures. 8, the floor color is inevitable, such as the color of the higher requirements, pre-sorting, take a gradual transition to reduce the visual sense of mutation. 9, the use of bogey water rinse, to avoid prolonged sun exposure, air-conditioning straight blow straight, the window

    to prevent rainforest, to avoid friction of hard objects. To protect the floor, you can wax the paint (waxing is better than painting, from the point of view of the floor). The above is the Xiaobian home improvement with you to share nine points, the most important point of the laying of the floor, that is, the underlying moisture-proof work, if the beginning did not do moisture-proof measures, it will give rise

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