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    1, check the surface cracks: cracks are the taboo appearance of wooden flooring, flooring cracks not only affect the appearance after paving, in the wet season, moisture and water vapor will penetrate the crack along the interior floor, the floor appears damp. Inspection requires careful observation of the surface of the floor, and touch by hand, feel if there is scratch feel.

    2, check the color and knot: a few pieces of the floor together, observe the floor whether the color difference. Generally due to Chen Fang, handling and processing issues, the floor there will be color change. If you find the color shades, color and color is inconsistent, you need to carefully choose.

    Scar is a scar on the trunk after the twigs removed, found in the wood floor. Festival knuckles and living section of the knot points, dead knot color black, the intensity is small, affecting the appearance; living on the appearance of less impact. If you find too much knot on the surface of the floor, then there is a problem with the quality of the floor selection.

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