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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2017

    2017 Dainan Steel Cheng Xiao Xiao defeated Xiao Huda Baptist short-term steel prices are still likely to continue to fall, but the continuous adjustment of the price, the overall market will gradually return to balance. In mid-frequency furnace shut down in June, with the price continued to fall, narrowing the profits of steel mills to reach the overall cost of steel production in the vicinity, and the existing stocks have been digested, the rebound when the domestic steel may be.Tubo De Tubo De Ranura Soldada De Acero Inoxidable SS 304

    This time juncture, may have to wait until the end of June, after the nationwide complete removal of strip steel Since this month, the establishment of the Xiong'an New Area in Hebei to become the biggest hot news, a full week of time, A-share market, "Xiong'an New District "The concept plate blockbuster, many stocks staged" word board "market, for the silent A-share market has injected a new vitality at the same time follow the rise, the entire Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei enjoy this by the new security zone Comes to the feast. However, the domestic steel market was not boosted by the Xiong'an New District and even failed to rise symbolically for a day or two when the news came out. It continued the downward trend since the end of March.many standard of galvanized steel coil colour coat...

    Especially since this week, the rate of decline has accelerated. The early release of demand after the Spring Festival this year and the supply side of the administrative repression created a rapid rise in steel prices at that time. However, in late March, steel prices began to enter the callback channel. Compared with the previous period, the tepid fundamentals have prompted the market to lower the expectation of high season, and vice versa, to lift the pessimistic expectation of medium- and long-term demand. The company is located in:DIN poilshed bright surfaceStainless Steel Wire

    From the supply side, steel output is still rising. According to statistics from China Iron and Steel Association, in late March 2017, the average daily crude steel output of key steel enterprises was 1,777,000 tons, an increase of 15,200 tons or 0.87% over the previous ten-thousandths. However, the demand side did not pick up as fast as expected. In March, China's steel PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) was 50.6%, down 0.8ppts from February and retreated after rising for two consecutive months. The new orders index for the steel industry was 50.6%, down 4.7 percentage points from February.Barra Redonda De Gran TamaƱo De Acero Inoxidable De Alta Calidad

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