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    Vacuum drum filter is one of the key equipment of soda industry, is quite common in the country the size of Jianchang application, main function of soda filter has three points: the first is to filter out the suspension of heavy alkali; followed by wash cake in mother liquor; the last is to make the cake to dehydration. Vacuum drum filter is the traditional equipment of soda ash production, take advantage of it and separation of heavy alkali liquor is: 1, automatic and continuous production; 2, easy to adjust, adapt to the requirements of production fluctuation; 3, large-scale production, to adapt to the continuous production; 4, for the quality of heavy alkali can remove most of the water; 5. Safe and reliable operation, less maintenance; 6, stable operation, no vibration, no noise.

    The performance of the vacuum drum filter is superior to the production of pure alkali and the economic benefit of the enterprise. As a manufacturer of vacuum rotary drum filter, Tianbao company always regards the "high and low two" (high yield, low moisture content and low salinity) as its goal. To this end, we actively explore the road of the reform of the filter, innovation, and advanced technology to improve the filter, so that the continuous improvement. Since its founding, Tianbao has improved second generations on the basis of the first generation of alkali filter machine. On this basis, Tianbao company launched a third generation vacuum rotary drum filter with high performance in 2002, through long-term painstaking research and drawing on every successful experience produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers in production practice. Its introduction has played a significant role in reducing the consumption of raw materials and improving the quality of pure alkali products. At present, the product has been used in more than 40 enterprises all over the country and exported to Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Australia and other countries. In recent years, the day the insured did not satisfy the current situation, the use of manufacturers to constantly sum up experience, to continue to have the "ten characteristics" of the third generation of vacuum drum filter is improved, so that the third generation vacuum drum filter structure is more reasonable, more convenient to use, the use of soda factory product quality has been further improved.

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