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    What is DNS?

    DNS is useful for several reasons. The most well known reason is that it makes it possible to attach domain names (like to hard-to-remember IP addresses (

    How do I identify if the workstation is not resolving DNS addresses?

    ·         Go to “Start” then “Run”, and type CMD

    ·         When you get to the DOS prompt, type PING and the Domain Name (ping

    ·         Then PING the IP address of the Domain Name (ping

    ·         If you receive “Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.” when pinging the Domain Name and you receive 4 “Replies” when pinging the IP, the workstation is not able to resolve DNS

    Resolution #1 - Configure the workstation to use alternate DNS servers

    ·         Go to the Control Panel of the workstation

    ·         Then Network Settings

    ·         Select the network connection that is having the DNS issue

    ·         Go to the adapter’s TCP/IP properties

    ·         Statically set the DNS Servers to address provided by your ISP (or or or use other public DNS service like OpenDNS)

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