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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2017

    Build a garden fence, shielding the world's noisy Today, more and more urban roads, parks, residential areas and other public places to grow green plants using flower boxes as a container, because elegant flower box style, strong wood texture, can create a natural ecological atmosphere, high-end garden scenery now Has been inseparable from the flower box. Many families wood panels exterior used doors have terraces, courtyard owners decorate their own patio, the courtyard also began to use flower boxes, flower boxes planted plants suitable for your home more charming scenery, make your home terrace more grade.

    Today, the attic owner's home to tell you about what kind of flower boxes are generally used in the garden garden? Wood preservative wood preservative wooden flower box is the most common flower box, commonly used flower box types, because such flower box style panel wall systems interior and diverse, beautiful colors, the material cost is relatively low, anti-corrosion, moisture better, the production process is now the most mature Wood preservatives in order to protect the solid wood in the outdoor life, now generally placed in the flower box inside the tarpaulin

    in order to avoid watering, soil, water from the gap between the preservative wood exposed. Now there are many online store wood preservative wood, but because of heavy wood preservative weight, online shopping postage more owners if they have time to choose their own production of wood preservative boxes, only need to buy a suitable building materials market The wood home outdoor floor in an instant hangingassembled on the line, but we must pay attention to the wooden box after the good wood brushing professional wood oil, and regular conservation.

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