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    According to the analysis of winners and advisers, different categories of criteria are used to categorize such products. For example, three-tier solid wood flooring, parquet, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, etc. Is a classification method. If it is in terms of origin, there are a variety of, such as the European floor imports, North American

    imports floor, as well as the different regions of the country. If you class by the consumer groups and face it, there is another description of the category, such as high-end floor, mid-range floor, or middle-class consumer floor. In the current market competition, several imported flooring occupy most of the high-end flooring market to high as

    an example, there are 6,7 European flooring brands imported, the operating history will be nearly 20 years in the high-end flooring market is very Influential, Winning Consultant Deng Chaoming believes that the high-end flooring market, is also staging the story of the luxury market, history has ever been similar in the luxury market,

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