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    1, according to the type of floor to choose the corresponding floor wax. Floor wax can be roughly divided into two kinds of water-based and oily.

    2, the floor wax removal method. Ordinary floor wax removal agent, some were strongly alkaline. Due to the wood material for the wood floor, alkaline ingredients can cause discoloration of the floor, resulting in marks stains, must not be used. Wiping with a rag dip solvent (urea-formaldehyde water) can be used.

    3, laying the floor when the precautions. Urea-based adhesive bond strength is very high, pay special attention. In case of adhesion to the surface, to be placed on top impregnated with urea-formaldehyde rag cloth, and covered with plastic film on the rag to make the binder soften, and then use a bamboo blade or a plastic blade to remove.

    4, the necessary tools and materials. Resin floor wax, masking tape, waxing special mop, solvent (urea formaldehyde water), bucket, solvent resistant gloves, rag, plastic blade, bamboo blade, vacuum cleaner.

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