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    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2017

    Wastes were eaten dry pressed the perfect environment to live a business After the shower, the dense vegetation turns green. Wetland park connected to the path, fence and leisure cool pavilion in the vegetation as if the picture of the more quiet landscape. Species of colored flowers bonsai seductive, sitting on the leisure chair of the visitors peace and quiet! What is not glass floor construction known is that these exquisite and exquisitely designed convenience facilities like wood are all made from green and environmental-friendly wood-plastic materials using raw materials such as agricultural and forestry residues and waste plastics as raw materials.

    Wood products factory in taking into account the development of enterprises at the same time, also assumed a certain social responsibility. How to alleviate the shortage of forest resources, to achieve carbon dioxide emissions, the plant through technological innovation, the three residues of wood plastic railing systems uk agriculture and forestry after eating dried extract. Discarded plastic products, wood shavings

    sawdust, rattan shell, coffee shell and many other wastes in Simao District, Pu'er City, Kang Wo Wood Products Factory became a baby, but also the plant's production of new building materials, wood-plastic products, the main raw material. Workers pooled these wastes into powder, used compatibility agents, lubricants and antioxidants, and anti-UV absorbers to create a new eco-friendly wood-plastic profile with zero-formaldehyde over 10 steps.

    According to customer needs, with specialized design, systematic products, efficient service into various colored finished products: large scenic path along the cliff, leisure villas, travel containers, leisure cool pavilion, small garden to the heart of the flower pot and garbage barrel. In short, the floor, pillars, tiles, wall panels, all outdoor flooring directory at republica moldova landscape building materials can be found here. Wood products with a variety of products, has a real sense of environmental protection, fire prevention, waterproof, fade, mold, acid and strong anti-aging, paint-free, biodegradable, recyclable and recyclable features, the wood Its appearance and stability are also better than wood, making it the best substitute garden wood fencing uk for preservative wood. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and landscape construction, in line with the state's circular economy policy of environmental protection and energy conservation.

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