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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2017

    For 17 years of the market, I believe that with 16 years of the market has been completely different. Performance: 1, steel prices are already not low, 3600 yuan / ton price, the lower point of 1550 yuan / ton, has doubled. If the fall, there is greater room for decline;Anping 304 316 Cable Duro De Acero Inoxidable Estirado En Frío Para Redibujar

    2, the futures market changes from unilateral to shock, more difficult to grasp more difficult to grasp. And with 16 years of difference is that the 16-year futures market started with the spot sync, rose in the high season, off-season down. 17 years before the peak season (after the Spring Festival has not yet opened) rose, high season approaching high consolidation, before the onset of the off-season (ie the end of March early April) fell, the off-season is expected to be low consolidation. High quality galvanized and black annealed wire(ISO9001)

    Accordingly, I suggest: this year or the futures market and the stock market after the first line. In the second half of the year, "Golden September and Silver October" peak season approaching a month and a half to a month time, observe the market conditions, if the partial pessimistic view, the profits of steel mills moderate amount of stockpile;Stainless Steel 416 Round Bar

    3, the market a lot of inventory, according to statistics, 35 cities thread inventory 6,974,700 tons, 576,360 tons over the same period in 16 years, an increase of 21%; steel mills also increased inventories. In addition, many small middle-sized households have increased their stockpile prices, which are not included in the statistics, making the actual situation even more severe. In any case, if the price falls, there will be a sell-off behavior if the stock is not small, ;2205 Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Wire manufacturer

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