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    First, the raw salt (that is, ordinary industrial salt) is poured into the salt tank to prepare the saturated brine (the rough brine for short, the same below), and is pumped to the reacting settler. After this part of crude samples were collected and analyzed, according to the results calculated to join in SO42-, Ca2+ removal of crude Mg2+, BaCl2, Na2CO3, the required amount of NaOH (here in our local gypsum type brine as an example, the same below), the preparation of the corresponding number of chemical raw materials into solution, stirring in order to join the quantitative reaction settler of crude brine preparation, stirring for 20 minutes and then adding proper amount of polyacrylamide solution, the crude preparation of purified brine, placed for use. The purified brine through the liquid outflow pipe, the sand filter sand filter into the brine storage tank, adding hydrochloric acid in the water tank, the brine adjusting pH value to 6.0~7.5, and then the microporous filter is pumped to the sintered titanium filter, the filtered water salt brine injection tank storage.

    In the evaporation tank caused by vacuum state, finish feeding through into the brine pipeline natural suction evaporation tank, the evaporation tank is heated through the heating pipe of the indoor heat exchange with the steam, reached the boiling point of brine, evaporation and crystallization, precipitation of salt slurry through the exhaust pipe into the centrifugal dewatering machine salt, wet salt after dehydration the uniformly continuous disc dryer for drying into the finished product after drying, after screening, you can enter the packaging section of the final mixing and packaging.

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