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    1. lined with high-tech ultra-high strength non stick aluminum refractory, integrated molding structure tough, long lining life
    2. the best temperature control system design can provide stable aluminum soup temperature, can greatly improve the quality of casting super high level
    3. using ultra strength silicon carbide heating module, that is, electricity saving and easy replacement, will not cause production interruption
    5. specially designed aluminum liquid metal level indicator and indicator lamp, which can provide the best safety stock of aluminum soup
    6. non crucible type electric melting furnace can improve the workshop temperature and provide the most clean and clean working environment
    7. this furnace is the best cabinet room space storage aluminum soup design, mainly reducing aluminum liquid contact with the air, resulting in aluminum volatilization loss and melting aluminum does not cause aluminum loss due to combustion. Therefore, can continue to maintain a stable supply of clean aluminum soup
    8. do not need to use high priced graphite crucible and high iron penetration Tong pot replacement to save money and careless crucible damage aluminum soup overflow caused mechanical and factory burning hazard and factory machinery shutdown concerns
    9. the use of electricity as fuel energy to melting aluminum scrap or aluminum ingot, can reduce the melting rate caused by more than 3-5 of the burning rate, and you will no longer see the aluminum soup surface of a large number of slag layer adhesion affect the quality of casting
    The 10. furnace body is exquisite and does not occupy the space, only the narrow space can also be placed in the die casting machine edge operation and use
    11. this furnace has a furnace two purposes, can be used as a melting furnace, but also when the use of heat preservation furnace, it is the most economical and affordable
    12. furnace cover heating area can be manually operated air pressure valve at any time to improve the way to facilitate the clean action of scum in the furnace
    13. environmental protection electricity saving type crucible type electric melting furnace, it is a single machine single furnace configuration, very suitable for die casting machine edge operation, it can choose to meet the large and medium-sized type die-casting machine aluminum melting requirements per hour
    14. large centralized melting furnace with no crucible type electric melting furnace, you will no longer worry about centralized furnace repair or sudden lack of orders, and want to reduce the cost and can not temporarily stop large-scale centralized melting furnace trouble
    15. multi purpose design can be used for die casting machine edge melting purposes, can save unnecessary other equipment added
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