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    Does kaolin grinding machine work 100 orders? How many tons are there in an hour? Kaolin powder grinding after different USES different fineness requirement, can be processed kaolin powder grinding equipment type is much also, different kinds of kaolin mill production and processing fineness on difference is big, small make up below will introduce you to several common kaolin mill.

    Kaolin is a very important kind of clay mineral. It is an important industrial resource. Kaolin has been processed into 100 eyes, 200 eyes, 300 eyes and 400 fine detail by industrial mill, and is mostly used in papermaking and ceramics.

    If you don��t have access to a gas or electric stove, or Kaolin powder can also be used in refractory materials, coatings, white cement raw materials, rubber packing, plastics, paints, pencils, cosmetics, pesticides, medicine, soap and other fields. Of course, these different USES must have different requirements of kaolin fineness, so we will introduce the type of kaolin mill for you.

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