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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2017

    Solid wood finger board Finger-board, also known as integrated board, timber, referring to build, that is, after processing the treated wood pieces as splicing plate, since the interface between the board jagged, similar to the cross-docking fingers, hands, so that Refers to the board, but made of the same kind of rubber wood stitching, called rubber clear vinyl outdoor patiodoor curtains finger access. As the log is cross-linked between the combination of such a combination of their own there is a certain degree of bonding, and because there is no need to stick up and down the surface of the panel, taking into account the use of glue its trace.

    Advantages: Relatively high environmental coefficient As the connection of solid wood plate less, with less glue, so the environmental coefficient is relatively high. With ease of processing, cutting, drilling, sawing and forming process. Woodworking is also the use of more material. Disadvantages: solid wood products outside wpc deck fingerboard easily deformed, cracking. Therefore can not be used for the door material, generally used in cabinets, good solid wood finger board quality assurance but higher cost.

    Although the moisture resistance of MDF is poor, but MDF smooth surface, fine material, stable performance, solid edge, easy to shape, to avoid decay, insects and other issues. In the bending strength and impact strength are better exterior floor covering options from denmark than particleboard, and sheet decorative surface of the excellent, custom furniture, the most commonly used in the film, made of film pressure door, finished furniture

    for all types of countertops, Doors and other modeling complex, the general use of paint technology. Therefore, the film in the MDF, to the effect of imitation wood, but the price is much cheaper than the solid wood furniture. MDF nail holding power is poor, due to the MDF fiber is very fragmented to make MDF nail than solid wood board, particleboard, are much worse. So almost can not be used quick cap resurfacing deck system twice or even three times!

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