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    some of the characteristics of the previous media rarely take the initiative to pay attention. You see this show, why this show is very good, one iresidential decking and railing 2015s good size. The improvement of product quality in all factories, including the exhibition, is the best year in the calendar year and the focus of leaders of the Forestry Association. Why do we think the industry is not big enough? What is the ratio of the entire hardwood flooring throughout the entire [url=]how to install outdoor flooring nigeria[/url]industry? The ratio is 5.9, a very small piece, why it is not developed fast? I think the first one, a new product that has just been developed for 20 years, and a lot of people do not know how to make bamboo into a floor;

    what the quality of the second bamboo really is, it will be traditionallyspacing tongue and groove boards for ceiling affected Will crack it? They do not know that we use very advanced scientific means to produce it, we want consumers to understand these, let him buy products at ease. Third, the awareness of environmental protection. Why do we have so many businesses advocate exports? Because of the high quality of bamboo products, including your material, processing precision, etc.[url=]how to install hand railing for outside deck[/url] are demanding, then there is another one here is the environmental awareness, then these years, we Chinese people's awareness of environmental protection has improved, Know the environmental protection for some

    human requirements, the first ten years, consumers are not aware of environmental protection, there is no concept of environmental protection produchow to install deck boards videots, such as a school abroad, a public building, they use bamboo will give them environmental protection plus points. Fourth, the product after 20 years of development, there will be no new product to replace it, the product is relatively simple, enterprises in a single species of continuous competition, the only means is the auction, and sometimes the quality down These are all aspects of our business efforts. In our opinion,[url=]composite decking over existing deck[/url] the main resources for producing bamboo flooring are placed in China. Moreover,

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