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    Maintain the floor dry and finish. Avoid using wet mops to wipe directly, should use a special cleaning agent for cleaning the wooden floor, so that the floor to maintain the original warm texture and natural colors, and can prevent the dry cracked wood.

    In order to avoid excessive water will penetrate into the wood floor layer, resulting in moldy, rotten situation, the use of floor cleaners, mops should try to dry. If the surface without polish, it is not appropriate to contact with water, it is best to try to see inconspicuous place to determine no problem, then a large area to use.

    If you want to avoid long-term foot wear on the floor, Chang Bao bright shiny floor cleaning, you can then a layer of wood floor wax care agent. However, we must pay attention to the floor must be completely dried before waxing, so wax layer can not be completely attached to the wooden floor. Instead, the floor appears a little white spots. And the best use of flat sponge mop, so as to avoid general mop cotton residue with the residue on the floor.

    "prefab wood porch steps,price square metre concrete decking material,cost of trek 2 x 6"
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