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    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2017

    3, light weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than wood floor construction, 20 times lighter than tile construction and 25 times lighter than stone construction, which is most suitable for high buildings and office buildings with more than three floors. Reduce the load on its building, ensure safety and ease of handling. 4, the construction is convenient without cement sand, do not need

    Xingmo wood, special glue paving, quick and easy. Various product patterns, a version of rock, gravel, marble and wood and other series, free to fight, save time and effort, a OK. Good flexibility: a special elastic structure, impact resistance, and the right foot fit, provide the highest guarantee for the daily life of the family. 5, good thermal conductivity thermal conductivity only a few minutes, heat

    evenly, no stone, cold feeling tiles, winter barefoot, not afraid. 6, easy to maintain Usually can be scrubbed with water mop, in case of stains, rubbed with an eraser or thinner can be clean. 7, green non-toxic harmless, no side effects on the human body, the environment, and does not contain radioactive elements, is the best ground building materials. 8, fire retardant through the fire test, leave the

    Panel pagar privasi 4x8 pvc

    privasi tidak memudar jualan pagar

    wooden deck tiles interlocking

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