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    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2017

    machine daily cleaning and maintenance methods, hoping to be helpful to you, such as the need to learn more about the washing machine cleaning, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Plastic floor is a kind of home floor, this floor waterproof performance, light weight, wear-resistant, easy to install, is the first choice for many consumers floor decoration materials.

    Now we take a look at the advantages of plastic flooring? 1, waterproof non-slip surface for high-density special structure, simulation of wood / marble / carpet / granite and other lines, water more astringent, not slippery, home pavement can be lifted Security concerns for the elderly and children. Its characteristics are stone, ceramic tiles and other incomparable. 2, super wear-resistant ground

    wear resistance of the material, depending on the surface wear-resistant layer of material and thickness, not just the total thickness of its floor tiles. Pvc floor surface covering 0.2-0.8mm thickness of polymer special materials, high degree of wear, the longest life of similar products. Complicated laminate flooring on a thin layer of transparent film or a layer of glaze on the tiles, it is worse than ever.

    price per square foot of composite fence

    synthetic teak decking malaysia

    composite planks instead of wood

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