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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2017

    Cork flooring is called "floor pyramid spire consumption." Compared with the solid wood floor more environmentally friendly, soundproof, moisture-proof effect will be better, giving excellent foot feeling. Cork flooring can be divided into paste type cork flooring and lock type cork flooring. Cork flooring can be different colors of different species, made of different patterns, such as the NBA stadium there will be a variety of patterns above. Cork flooring in the country has a strong domestic market.

    Cork flooring is a healthier, more environmentally friendly, moisture-proof and sound-proof insulation than solid wood flooring, which is also the biggest advantage of cork flooring that is made from cork oak trees that grow on the Mediterranean coast and the same latitude of China's Qinling Mountains However, the price of cork flooring is also diversified in the wood flooring market. According to the structure of cork flooring, cork flooring can be divided into six categories, such as the most primitive cork flooring without any other components on the surface; There is also a PVC veneer cork flooring, this cork flooring is more popular in the market, especially by consumers like Beijing and Shanghai.

    "durable composite panel wall cladding,clear fence panels for garden,cheap outdoor floor material"
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