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    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2017

    fire that is automatically extinguished, life and safety protection. 9, acid and alkali through various professional test. Moisture-proof, anti-moth-eaten, not afraid of corrosion. Nine advantages of plastic flooring, over over to share finished, I hope we understand the plastic floor is helpful.Elevated floor with anti-static performance, environmental protection, fire protection, high wear resistance, long life

    and other characteristics, quite consumer favor. today to share the construction technology and maintenance of elevated floor, for your home decoration reference. First, the elevated floor construction process 1, the floor to be installed elevated floor clean ground, requiring ground dry. Should be done leveling the ground cement mortar, height difference measured with a 2 m level less than 4 mm. 2,

    in a clean ground line positioning, the purpose of determining each bracket position. 3, in the fixed position to install the bracket, install the frame and adjust the height of the entire bracket. 4, bracket beam assembly, while adjusting the beam level, it is recommended to use a laser level, and then tighten the screws, fixed beams. 5, the installation of activities floor, trimming activities floor at the same

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    can i use plastic wood to replace slats in bench

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