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    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2017

    to wipe clean cloth, the use of solvent-based adhesive, the application of turpentine or petrol glue scrape floor tiles should be carried out in the pavement before degreasing, dewaxing treatment. Third, the plastic floor laying Matters needing attention 1, for the adjacent two rooms laying different colors, patterns plastic floor, dividing line should be stepped on the door frame outside the mouth, so that

    the door floor symmetry. 2, paving, the use of rubber � from the middle to the surrounding percussion, the bubble rush net. 3, three days after the shoppers can not go. 4, PVC ground coil should be cut 3 to 6 days before paving, leaving 0.5% margin, because the plastic has a certain contraction after cutting. Plastic floor construction process and laying points, over a small family to share finished,

    I hope everyone on the plastic floor installation help.Radiant floor heating compared to traditional heating has unparalleled advantages, with comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., in life is widely used. Let's take a look at the floor radiant heating What are the characteristics? First, the most comfortable way of heating Chinese medicine that "heat from scratch, cold from the foot

    pressure treated marine plywood

    quarter inch plywood bahamas

    solid surface outdoor decking

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