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    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2017

    comfort of feet warm head and cool . At the same time, the floor heating can promote residents blood circulation foot, thereby improving the body's blood circulation, promote metabolism, and to some extent, improve immunity. In addition, "hot enough" environment to avoid drowsiness, help to enhance memory, improve learning and work efficiency. Second, high efficiency, energy saving, low

    operating costs Available waste heat water, solar energy, geothermal and other low-temperature heat source; floor radiant heating mode convection heating mode thermal efficiency is high, the heat concentrated in the height of the human body benefit, even if the indoor temperature setting Convection heating mode low 2 ~ 5 ��, also can make people have the same feeling of warmth, so the

    temperature difference heat transfer loss will be greatly reduced; heat transfer medium, the heat loss in the transmission process is small, high thermal efficiency; and other heating methods Compared to the energy-saving rate of about 20%, such as the use of district temperature control device, energy-saving rate of up to 40%. Third, the environmental protection, health, health care Floor radiant

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