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    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2017

    into." Modern medicine also shows that the internal organs of the human body can maintain normal physiological functions only under suitable temperature conditions. When the outside world is cold, the human body functions automatically adjust, in order not to make the body heat loss, hands and feet of blood will return to maintain the required temperature of internal organs. When the foot

    temperature is low, the contraction of the blood vessels of the feet, blood flow blocked, resulting in systemic blood circulation is not smooth, so that the whole body will feel cold. So warm warm feet first, only the feet warm, the whole body will feel warm. The traditional method of heating, the top of the room about 30 ��, while the human body location, especially the foot is only 15 �� or lower.

    Sit for a long time will feel cold leg cold feet, cold leg legs will increase the cold leg disease, arthritis may be sick. Radiant floor radiation is the most comfortable way of heating, indoor surface temperature uniformity, room temperature from bottom to top with the gradual increase in temperature decreases, the temperature curve just to meet the physiological needs of people, giving the

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